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Wondering if you could confirm what kind of grub this is? Guessing Japanese beetle or June bug ... See moreSee less

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Is this a great golden digger wasp? or something else? There are two in the same area as sweat bees...sharing space? ... See moreSee less

UW-Madison Department of EntomologyYes--looks like the golden digger wasp (Sphex ichneumoneus). Many tunneling insects prefer sandier soils, (easier to tunnel into). This is likely why this wasp and the ground-nesting sweat bees are sharing the same general area.

2 weeks ago

Deb Pottscause for alarm? It's at work next to a back thoughts are just to leave them "bee" but do you think it could be an issue? Not a high traffic area.

2 weeks ago

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Spring 2011


Coordinators: Johanne Brunet and Eileen Cullen

All seminars are on Friday from 12:00 to 1:00pm unless otherwise noted, 150 Russell Labs, 1630 Linden Drive, Madison, WI.
Directions and map to Russell Labs provided here. If you have questions, please contact UW-Madison Entomology Department main office at 608-262-3227.


Spring 2011




January 28

Co-Sponsored by WISELI

Dr. Allison Snow
Ohio State University Dept. of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology

"Ecological effects of gene flow from transgenic crops to their weedy relatives"

February 4

Dr. Liza Holeski
Post-doctoral Research Associate,
UW-Madison Dept. of Entomology

"Patterns of herbivory defense in monkeyflowers and cottonwood"

February 11

Dr. Tony Goldberg
UW-Madison Dept. of Ecology, Epidemiology, and Evolution of Health and Disease

"Ecology of West Nile virus transmission in Chicago, Illinois"

February 18

Dr. Thomas Green
IPM Institute of North America

“IPM in the Marketplace: Buzz, battles, beef and implications for the future of IPM in the public sector”

February 25

Dr. Cameron Currie
Associate Professor,
UW-Madison Bacteriology

"Drugs from bugs of bugs'"

March 4

Dr. Larry Phelan
Ohio State University Dept. of Entomology

"Biological Buffering: How soil life enhances cropping system resilience & resistance to biotic stressors"

March 11

Co-Sponsored by WISELI

Dr. Laurie Drinkwater
Associate Professor,
Cornell University Dept. of Horticulture

"Biogeochemistry of a socioecological system: Nitrogen cycling in the Mississippi River Basin"

March 18

No Seminar
Spring Break



March 25

Dr. Ian Kaplan
Assistant Professor,
Purdue University Dept. of Entomology

"The ecology of fear in arthropod food webs: causes, constraints, and consequences"

April 1

Dr. Amy Toth
Assistant Professor,
Iowa State University Dept. of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology

"Comparative physiology and genomics of sociality: evolutionary insights from bees and wasps"

April 8

Please Note: Different Time and Location!

Time: 3:30pm

Biotech Center Auditorium

Dr. Mary Power
University of California- Berkeley Dept. of Integrative Biology

"Algal-mediated links of river, watershed, and coastal food webs"

Wisconsin Ecology 16th Annual Spring Symposium
Co-Sponsored by UW-Madison Entomology Department

April 15

Dr. Bobbi Peckarsky
Professor Emeritus Cornell University & Honorary Fellow UW-Madison,
UW-Madison Dept. of Zoology

"Variation in trophic cascades across a riverscape"

April 22

PhD Exit Seminar,
UW-Madison Dept. of Entomology

"Effects of atmospheric change on plant-herbivore interactions: from individuals to ecosystems"

April 29

Dr. Nick Waser
Professor Emeritus UC Riverside & Scientist University of Arizona

"Typology, natural history and the future of pollination biology"


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