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Wondering if you could confirm what kind of grub this is? Guessing Japanese beetle or June bug ... See moreSee less

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Is this a great golden digger wasp? or something else? There are two in the same area as sweat bees...sharing space? ... See moreSee less

UW-Madison Department of EntomologyYes--looks like the golden digger wasp (Sphex ichneumoneus). Many tunneling insects prefer sandier soils, (easier to tunnel into). This is likely why this wasp and the ground-nesting sweat bees are sharing the same general area.

2 weeks ago

Deb Pottscause for alarm? It's at work next to a back thoughts are just to leave them "bee" but do you think it could be an issue? Not a high traffic area.

2 weeks ago

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Research Staff - Phil Pellitteri

Phil Pelliterri retired from the UW on Feb. 28, 2014, after a long and distinguished career.

If you have Insect questions, please contact Phil's successor, Patrick (P.J. Liesch) at the Insect Diagnostic Lab.

If you would like to wish Phil a happy retirement and learn about his retirement event planned for June 2014, you can do so at this website.


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