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[pdf] How to identify introduced basswood thrips brochure.pdf 1.7 MB 2008-Sep-19
[pdf] Raffa & Hall Thrips 1989.pdf 1.2 MB 2008-Sep-19
[pdf] Raffa Hall Kearby Katovich Introduced Basswood Thrips Life History.pdf 8.8 MB 2008-Oct-10
[pdf] Rieske & Raffa Thrips Env Ent 03.pdf 103.7 KB 2003-Jun-27
[pdf] Rieske.Raffa.EthyleneEmission.pdf 520.9 KB 2009-May-01
[pdf] Rieske.Raffa.Thrips.pdf 491.3 KB 2009-May-06
[pdf] Werner.Nordheim.Raffa.(2004)Comparison Sampling Thysanoptera .pdf 124.2 KB 2009-Mar-10
[pdf] Werner et al.2006 Thrips outbreak.pdf 268.6 KB 2006-Apr-24
[pdf] Werner et al thrips impact copy.pdf 539.4 KB 2005-Sep-02
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