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Biocontrol Fungus Reduces Damping-Off Diseases

The fungus Cladorrhinum foecundissimum has considerable potential as a biocontrol agent, especially for use in commercial greenhouse production of transplant seedlings and cuttings. Five isolates of C. foecundissimum significantly reduced damping-off caused by Rhizoctonia solani on eggplant and pepper. After 4 weeks of growth, plant stands in the biocontrol-ammended treatments were more than 80%, comparable to those in uninfested controls. A bran formulation of the fungus also reduced the saprophytic growth of the Rhizoctonia fungus. Although treatments reduced populations of Pythium ultimum in the soilless mix and reduced damping-off, stands were not as high as in the controls. Many aspects of large-scale production and formulation of the fungus remain to be studied.


Lewis, J. A. and R. P. Larkin. 1998. Formulation of the biocontrol fungus Cladorrhiunum foecundissimum to reduce damping-off diseases caused by Rhizoctonia solani and Pythium ultimum. Biol. Control 12: 182-190.

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