Cabbage Looper

Trichoplusia ni

In Sweet Alyssum Good for Cabbage Caterpillar Parasitoids  (Vol. VII, No. 3)

In Current Research on Biological Control of Insects in the Midwest  summary # 7 (Vol. VII, No. 3)

In Major Groups of Natural Enemies: Parasitoids, Part IV  (Vol. IV, No. 7)

In Allelopathic Cover Crops, Living Mulches, and Weed Thresholds for Managing Weeds in Vegetables  (Vol. V, No. 6)

In Tachinid Flies  (Vol. IV, No. 9)

In Potential Arthropod Targets for Biological Control in the Midwest  (Vol. III, No. 11)

Bt Infection in Caterpillars  (Vol. III, No. 6)

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