Steinernema feltiae

In The Fungus Gnat Parasitoid Synacra pauperi  (Vol. VII, No. 2)

In The Potential for Biological Control of Asian Longhorned Beetle in The U.S.  (Vol. VI, No. 6)

In Biological Control at National Entomology, Plant Pathology Society Meetings summary # 11  (Vol. VI, No. 1/2)

Nematodes Control Black Vine Weevil in Interiorscapes  (Vol. V, No. 10)

Nematodes Control Black Vine Weevil  (Vol. IV, No. 8)

Nematodes Reduce Cabbage Maggot on Cabbage  (Vol. IV, No. 1)

Use of Entomopathogenic Nematodes with Selective and Short-residual Insecticides  (Vol. III, No. 7)

In Hypoaspis miles, A Predatory Mite  (Vol. III, No. 2)

Monitoring Fungus Gnats in Greenhouses and Control With Different Nematodes  (Vol. III, No. 1)

Biological Control of Bagworms With Bacillus thuringiensis and Entomophagous Nematodes  (Vol. II, No. 9)

Use of Entomophagous Nematodes to Control Leafminers in Ornamental Plants  (Vol. I, No. 3)

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