Steinernema carpocapsae

Matching Nematodes to Target Hosts  (Vol. VI, No. 11)

Nematodes to Control Black Army Cutworm  (Vol. VI, No. 11)

Adult Colorado Potato Beetle Control with Nematodes?  (Vol. VI, No. 11)

Irrigate on Nematodes for Black Vine Weevil Control in Strawberry  (Vol. VI, No. 11)

Controlling Colorado Potato Beetle Adults with Nematodes  (Vol. VI, No. 8)

In Maximizing Biological Control in the Urban Landscape  (Vol. VI, No. 3)

Nematodes Strains and Species Vary in Control of Japanese Beetle  (Vol. V, No. 8)

Microbes to Control Ticks That Transmit Lyme Disease  (Vol. V, No. 7)

Nematode Species for Control of Colorado Potato Beetle  (Vol. V, No. 4)

Entomopathogenic Nematodes Control Iris Borer  (Vol. V, No. 4)

Slug Control with Nematodes  (Vol. V, No. 2)

Bacillus thuringiensis Strain May Enhance Activity of Some Entomopathogenic Nematodes Against White Grubs  (Vol. IV, No. 7)

Nematodes Reduce Cabbage Maggot on Cabbage  (Vol. IV, No. 1)

Use of Entomopathogenic Nematodes with Selective and Short-residual Insecticides  (Vol. III, No. 7)

In Biological Control at National Entomology Society Meetings summary # 11  (Vol. III, No. 3)

In Hypoaspis miles, A Predatory Mite  (Vol. III, No. 2)

In Biological Control On The World Wide Web  (Vol. III, No. 2)

Monitoring Fungus Gnats in Greenhouses and Control With Different Nematodes  (Vol. III, No. 1)

Biological Control of Bagworms With Bacillus thuringiensis and Entomophagous Nematodes  (Vol. II, No. 9)

In Bugs For Hire  (Vol. II, No. 3)

Nematodes  (Part 2)  (Vol. II, No. 3)

Nematodes  (Part 1)  (Vol. II, No. 2)

Use of Entomophagous Nematodes Against Dogwood and Peachtree Borers  (Vol. I, No. 4)

Use of Entomophagous Nematodes to Control Leafminers in Ornamental Plants  (Vol. I, No. 3)

Nematodes Applied Through Sprinkler Irrigation Control Larval Corn Rootworms  (Vol. I, No. 1)

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