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BioPesticide Manual

The BioPesticide Manual is a world compendium on the diverse range of natural compounds, pheromones, living systems, insect predators and genes now commercially available for pest, weed and disease control. Nearly 190 biocontrol agents are included.

Published by the British Crop Protection Council, the same publisher as The Pesticide Manual, this new book is complementary in content and style, facilitating easy cross referencing. This book is an invaluable reference source for all concerned with biotechnology, natural product research, crop and environmental protection, integrated crop management, and horticulture.

The 333 page book is $155 including postage. To order, contact British Crop Protection Council by email or visit their website.

The Trichogramma Manual

This is a 42-page guide to the use of Trichogramma in biological control programs (with special reference to pests of cotton and corn). The first part covers the identification, biology and life cycle of Trichogramma wasps and summarizes the use and effectiveness of Trichogramma for control of pests of corn and cotton. The second part of the publication details 6 field and lab protocols for measuring the pest control value of releasing commercially reared Trichogramma for control of bollworm in cotton. These guidelines can also be used to evaluate releases of Trichogramma against other target pests.

Single copies are available at no charge from:

Distribution and Supply (2112)
P.O. Box 1029
Texas A&M University
Bryan, TX 77806-1209
Phone: (409) 845-6571
FAX: (409) 845-1566

Biocontrol on the Web

The following are some websites that might be of interest to MBCN readers.

Insect Parasitic Nematodes is touted as the essential resource for insecticidal nematodes. Insect parasitic nematodes may be the right choice for controlling your insect problems while minimizing pesticide use. This site will answer many of your questions.

The Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book is a subject oriented internet resource guide for plant pathology, applied entomology, and all related fields. The IPM and Biological Control section provides links and descriptions of numerous agencies, organizations and companies involved in these areas.

Commercial Biocontrol Products for Use Against Soilborne Crop Diseases is a list maintained by the USDA of registered microbial products. The address has changed since this site was mentioned in MBCN Vol. IV, No. 10.

Commercialized Biological-based Products in the Food and Agriculture Industries is another USDA-maintained, non-inclusive listing of products.

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