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Extension Publications on Purple Loosestrife

Many states have produced extension bulletins on purple loosestrife that describe the plant, the problems it causes and means of control. One such publication is the 6-page Purple Loosestrife in Michigan: Biology, Ecology and Management, Bulletin E-2632, produced by Michigan State University. The history and distribution of the plant in North America are outlined; a written description distinguishes it from other wetlands plants and describes its prolific seed production. There is a brief mention of the habitats purple loosestrife colonizes and the ecological impacts of its invasion. The remainder of the bulletin discusses various control measures that might be employed: legal, flooding, fire, replacement, hand pulling, chemical and biological control.

Copies can be ordered from

Michigan Sea Grant Communications
2200 Bonisteel Blvd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-4099
(313) 764-1118

Purple Loosestrife on the Internet

There are numerous sites on the Internet that mention purple loosestrife. One of the most useful is the Purple Loosestrife InfoCentre, maintained by the Manitoba Purple Loosestrife Project. It provides lots of information on all aspects of the weed, as well as links to newsletters, scientific research abstracts lists, and resource listings.

Video on Purple Loosestrife Biological Control

Restoring the Balance: Biological Control of Purple Loosestrife (1996) is a 28-minute video designed for natural resource management professionals, wetland managers, horticulturists and environmental educators. The video reviews the history of the invasion and spread of purple loosestrife, describes management alternatives for this plant and reasons for examining biological control, and highlights the importance of restoring plant communities in North American wetlands.

The program was produced by Media Services at Cornell University. Copies are available for $27.95 from:

The Resource Center
Cornell University
PO Box 3884
Ithaca, NY 14852-3884

For more information contact AV Librarian at (607) 255-2080. The video is also available from Cornell Cooperative Extension's website.

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