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"Country Wisdom" Bulletin on Beneficial Insects

Using Beneficial Insects: Garden Soil Builders, Pollinators, and Predators, a 32-page popular press booklet, written by R. M. Hart and published in 1991 by Storey Communications, Inc., attempts to introduce the unitiated to the wonders of beneficial insects. In Chapter 4 (Predators) we read that "while greedy garden pests gorge themselves on the fruits and veggies of your labor, just one link up the food chain are carnivorous cousins waiting to come to your rescue." The flowery language detracts a bit, but the information is mostly accurate (with the exception of several typos and the fact that she considers tachinid flies and parasitic wasps to be predators). The "upstanding insect citizens and outstanding pest exterminators" described include ladybugs, ground beetles, syrphid flies, tachinid flies, praying mantis, predatory wasps, and parasitic wasps. She provides detailed information on Trichogramma, but only general notes on braconid, chalcid and ichneumon wasps, with brief mentions of Encarsia formosa, Edovum puttleri, and Pediobius foveolatus ("yet one more tiny, dark villain of the pest insect world").

This publication may be available at your local bookstore, farm store, or garden center, or can be ordered for $3.25 4th class or $4.75 UPS from:

Storey Communications, Inc.
Dept. 9400 Schoolhouse Rd.
Pownal, Vermont 05261

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