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Publication on Biological Control in Forestry

Biological Control of Forest Arthropods in the Northeastern and North Central United States: A Review and Recommendations summarizes information on 94 selected arthropod pests. The 257-page work by R. G. Van Driesche, S. Healy and R. C. Reardon presents reasons for the organism's pest status, describes natural enemies and attempts at biocontrol, and offers recommendations. The softbound, late 1996 volume cites approximately 2000 references.

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Midwest Institute 1997 Summer Short Course

The Midwest Insitute for Biological Control held its annual summer short course July 6-13, on the campus of the Pan American School of Agriculture, at Zamorano, Honduras. This year's course, entitled "International Aspects of Biological Control," was taught to 13 participants (12 graduate students, 1 research scientist) from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan and Wisconsin. Instructors at this year's course included Ronald Cave (Pan American School of Agriculture), Ernest Delfosse (USDA-ARS National Program Staff), Bob O'Neil (Purdue University), and Joe Maddox and Rob Wiedenmann (both from the Illinois Natural History Survey). In addition to tuition paid by students, the course was funded by a grant from the National Biological Control Institute.

Commercial Biological Control Products

Occasionally we are informed of products that may be of use to our readers in implementing biological control programs. The information below is presented for your convenience only, and does not constitute an endorsement of these products over similar products or companies.

Mycotrol® Receives National Label for Strawberries

Mycotrol, a formulation of live spores of the fungus Beauveria bassiana, received a national label last spring for use on strawberries for tarnish plant bug control. The product is diluted in water and applied with conventional spray equipment. Some reports of the effectiveness of Mycotrol against tarnished plant bug have been very encouraging, while in other reports Mycotrol has had less effect than conventional insecticides.

For further information contact Mycotech Corporation of Butte, MT at 1-800-383-4310.

Looking For Biocontrol Products Against Soilborne Diseases?

The USDA-ARS's Biocontrol of Plant Diseases Laboratory (BPDL) maintains a list of commercially available microbial products labeled for disease control. Thirty-one products are included (as of press time). The target pathogen/disease, crop, formulation, application method and manufacturer/distributor is provided for each product. Access this list on the Internet.

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