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Phytoseiid Mite Bibliography

Many predatory mite species in the family Phytoseiidae are important biological control agents around the world. They are effective natural enemies of various mite and insect pests on numerous cultivated and uncultivated plants. Nearly 2,000 species of the Phytoseiidae have been described and many more may be waiting to be discovered. Our knowledge of their biology and importance as biological control agents is restricted to less than 10% of these species.

A new bibliography has just been published that provides a comprehensive list of publications from 1960 to 1994 that deal with the mite family Phytoseiidae. To make this bibliographic list usable several indices are included to help the reader locate publications on a specific topic: to species, to prey species, a general topics index, an index to the impact of pesticides on phytoseiids, and to species descriptions.

The bibliography could also be used as a tool to identify important areas in phytoseiid research that have previously received minimal attention, and in this way help to direct new research to fill the gaps in our knowledge of the phytoseiids.

The publication is:

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