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Biological Control Videotape for Kids

Biological Control: Learning to Live With the Natural Order is a 25 minute videotape geared toward middle school children. Much of the video was taken from a live LERN broadcast, with hosts Dale Bradley and Jami Morgan, originally transmitted to students throughout the United States and Canada. It was produced by NBCI in conjunction with USDA's Agricultural Research Service, Colorado State University, and the Walt Disney World Co. Excellent photography accompanies the narrative, with good close-ups of beneficials in action: a lacewing larva eating an aphid; a predatory mite attacking a twospotted spider mite; a tiny wasp "stinging" an aphid and another wasp emerging from the aphid mummy.

The feature story tells of current biological control efforts against the Russian wheat aphid. The stage is set during a "spy" story of international intrigue that should keep younger viewers interested, then followed up with reports on natural enemy searches and a report card on the program's success.

Although the video targets kids, adults will also enjoy it. Contact the USDA's National Biological Control Institute (NBCI) at (301) 436-4329 for ordering information.

Beneficial Insect Flash Cards

A set of "good bugs" cards is now available from Colorado State University. The series contains 54 wallet-size photographs of a variety of predatory and parasitic insects that are important in Colorado. On the back of each is a 2 to 4 sentence description of the insect and its habits. All the pictures are originals taken by various personnel associated with Colorado State University; most are from the Gillette Entomology Slide Collection. Production credit and profits from this go to the Gillette Entomology Club, CSU's student organization.

The Gillette Entomology Club Biological Control Card Set is available for $50 and can be ordered from:

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