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Slide Set on Biological Control of Insect and Mite Pests of Woody Landscape Plants

A great way to show what some common beneficial insects look like! This 56-slide set, by Michael Raupp, Roy Van Driesche, and John Davidson, was designed to assist in the identification of natural enemies useful in biological control of pests of ornamental landscape plants in the Northeast United States. The set contains excellent photographs of generalist predators such as green lacewings, lady beetles, a phytoseiid mite, and a bigeyed bug, as well as specific parasites, predators and pathogens, including gypsy moth parasites, an elm leaf beetle egg parasite, a mealybug destroyer eating mealybugs, and white grub milky spore disease. A separate manual provides a brief background on biological control, more detailed information on the various groups of natural enemies, and the same color photos as in the slide set. These materials can be ordered from:

Videos from NBCI

Two videos tapes specifically about biological control are available from the National Biological Control Institute. Both are excellent resources that could be used in a classroom setting or as part of an adult education program. The first, Biological Control; A Natural Alternative, was previously reviewed in MBCN Vol. 1, No. 1. This video is appropriate for both children and adults. The second, Biological Control: Learning to Live with the Natural Order, is expected to be released within a month and will be reviewed in a future issue of MBCN. It is targeted towards children, and includes a question and answer session at the end.

Contact the USDA's National Biological Control Institute at (301)-734-4329 for ordering information.

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