Pteromalid Wasp

Family Pteromalidae

Diatomaceous Earth Interferes with Wasp Parasitoid of Grain Weevils  (Vol. VI, No. 8)

In Major Groups of Natural Enemies: Parasitoids, Part IV  (Vol. IV, No. 7)

Wasp Parasitizes House Fly Pupae in Cattle Feedlots  (Vol. V, No. 10)

Pteromalus puparum, Parasite of Imported Cabbageworm Pupae  (Vol. III, No. 12)

In Biological Control of Stored-Product Pests  (Vol. II, No. 10)

In Parasitism of Imported Cabbageworm  (Vol. II, No. 6)

See also:

Anisopteromalus calandrae
Mesoplobus sp.
Muscidifurax raptor
Muscidifurax raptorellus
Muscidifurax zaraptor
Nasonia spp.
Pteromalus puparum
Spalangia sp.
Spalangia endius
Spalangia nigroaenea

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