Phytoseiid Mite

In Grants Awarded by USDA for Research in 1999  summary # 7 (Vol. VII, No. 1)

In Implementing Mite Biological Control in an Apple Orchard  (Vol. VI, No. 3)

Amblyseius cucumeris, Predator of Western Flower Thrips  (Vol. VI, No. 1/2)

In Biological Control at National Entomology, Plant Pathology Society Meetings summary # 5  (Vol. VI, No. 1/2)

Predator Mites of Spider Mites in Greenhouses  (Vol. V, No. 5)

In Augmentation Biological Control in the Home Orchard  (Vol. IV, No. 4)

In Biological Control at National Entomology Society Meetings summary # 10  (Vol. IV, No. 2)

Phytoseiid Mite Bibliography  (Vol. III, No. 12)

In Host Range in Insect Predators  (Vol. III, No. 9)

In Biological Control in a College Greenhouse  (Vol. III, No. 9)

Amblyseius hibisci and A. degenerans: Two "New" Predacious Mites With Potential for Biological Control of Western Flower Thrips  (Vol. III, No. 8)

Grow Your Own Predatory Mites  (Vol. III, No. 5)

Biological Control of Mites in Midwest Apple Orchards, Part 4: Approaches to Implementation  (Vol. I, No. 4)

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