Peristenus digoneutis

Parasitoid of Tarnished Plant Bug

New Parasite of Lygus Bugs  (Vol. VI, No. 9)

In Major Groups of Natural Enemies: Parasitoids, Part III  (Vol. VI, No. 4)

Peristenus digoneutis, Parasite of Tarnished Plant Bug  (Vol. V, No. 10)

Parasitic Wasp Attacking Lygus Bugs in Northeast U.S.  (Vol. V, No. 4)

In Biological Control at National Entomology Society Meetings summary # 13  (Vol. V, No. 3)

In Searching for Natural Enemies of Lygus Bugs  (Vol. IV, No. 7)

In Biological Control of Tarnished Plant Bug in Strawberry Production in the Midwest  (Vol. II, No. 4)

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