Ornamental Plants

In Natural Enemy of Eucalyptus Borer Introduced in Southern California  (Vol. VII, No. 1)

In Grants Awarded by USDA for Research in 1999  summary # 6 (Vol. VII, No. 1)

In The Trials and Tribulations of Implementing Biological Control in a University Conservatory  (Vol. V, No. 7)

Predator Mites of Spider Mites in Greenhouses  (Vol. V, No. 5)

In Biological Control at National Entomology Society Meetings  (Vol. III, No. 3)

Biological Control in the Great Indoors: At the Mall of America  (Vol. II, No. 12)

Conserving Natural Enemies of Aphids in the Landscape  (Vol. II, No. 6)

Slide Set on Biological Control of Insect and Mite Pests of Woody Landscape Plants  (Vol. II, No. 6)

Conserve Natural Enemies in Landscapes With Site Specific Needs  (Vol. II, No. 4)

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