It's Been Fun

We arrive at the last hard copy issue of MBCN with mixed emotions (check this site in the future for new, quarterly issues). As we reported in the October 1999 issue, we have certainly enjoyed providing you with biological control information for these past 5+ years, and we really have appreciated the comments we have received over this period. You, our readers, perceived that we were doing something new and different (and, apparently, useful), and you let us know that. At the same time we are leaving frustrated that federal and university administrative types, those who make the decisions as to what is important in Extension and what is not, have determined that our lustre has faded and therefore we are no longer worthy of support. Certainly not true of all, and we do appreciate those state universities that have directly supported us for one last year as we argued our case regionally and nationally. And MBCN has been a lot of hard work; those of us who have been intimately involved on a regular basis look forward to new challenges and opportunities.

Obviously, this will be your last reminder to "subscribe" for the quarterly electronic version of MBCN. If you haven't already done so, simply send a message with your e-mail address, stating that you want to be put on the notification list, to:

A final "Thank you!" to our editors that have provided us with so much material, and to the many writers who have contributed articles directly to us. I want to give a very personal acknowledgement to our Editor-in-chief, Susan Mahr, who has done 90% of the work on the newsletter over the years, as editor, most frequent contributor, layout guru, website manager, etc., etc. Susan, it has been great fun working as a team on this project.

— Dan Mahr Project Director

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