MBCN to End (?)

Midwest Biological Control News has been sustained for the last four years with grants from various federal agencies, which have now ended. These grants allowed us to subsidize the cost of production so that county extension offices and extension specialists would receive MBCN free of cost, and the volume of circulation kept the cost per piece relatively low. Other subscribers paid a nominal fee that covered only the printing and mailing costs. According to our survey results, we could not cover the actual cost of production at a subscription rate most people would be willing to pay. We have sufficient funds to print and mail the newsletter to all subscribers through the end of the current year, but not to pay the editor for the final four months of 1998 who will continue to produce the newsletter anyway. We are continuing to pursue possible sources of funding, and hopefully we will have better news in the future. But at this time, it appears as though the December issue will be the last for MBCN.

- Dan Mahr, Project Director

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