Biocontrol Scientist Hired at University of Minnesota

Dr. George Heimpel is the latest addition to the Department of Entomology at the University of Minnesota. George completed his doctorate at University of California-Davis and spent a few years in Madison, Wisconsin as a post-doctoral associate. He has worked on biological control of armored scales by Aphytis parasitoids, cover-cropping in orchards, biological control and genetic diversity of natural enemies, and parasitoid sex ratios and biological control. At Minnesota his research will focus on interactions between biological control and transgenic crops, habitat management for natural enemies, and quality control of commercially-reared biological control agents.

Current Research on Biological Control of Insects in the Midwest

At the annual meeting of the North Central Regional Committee on Biological Control of Pest Arthropods in October (NCR-125), state representatives reported on biological control activities in their states. Some of the many projects are summarized here. For further information contact the state representatives that are listed.

Illinois - Rob Weidenmann

Indiana - Bob O'Neil

Iowa - John Obrycki and Les Lewis (USDA)

Michigan - Doug Landis

Minnesota - Dave Ragsdale

Missouri - Ben Puttler

Nebraska - Bob Wright

North Dakota - Denise Olson and Larry Charlet (USDA)

Wisconsin - Dan Mahr

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