MBCN to Continue, With Expanded Coverage

Our original three year grant from the national USDA Extension IPM Program is close to expiration, but new funding has been obtained. We have successfully competed for a grant from the North Central Regional IPM Program. Unfortunately, these funds are very limited and we have funding for only one additional year. During this period, the entire MBCN staff will be attempting to secure more long term funding.

The format and size of the newsletter will remain the same, but our focus will no longer be exclusively on insects starting with the September issue. As part of our proposal we indicated that we would expand the scope of the newsletter to include biological control of plant diseases and weeds. However, we will continue to maintain the traditional definitions of biological control when considering subject matter for our articles. We are pleased to welcome new subject editors for Plant Pathology: Dr. Linda Kinkel, University of Minnesota and Dr. Jennifer Parke, University of Wisconsin - Madison. We are still seeking an editor for biological control of weeds -- any volunteers out there?

- Dan Mahr, Project Director

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