Commercial Biological Control Products

Occasionally we are informed of products that may be of use to our readers in implementing biological control programs. The information below is presented for your convenience only, and does not constitute an endorsement of these products over similar products or companies.

New Formulation of Beauveria bassiana Registered

A full federal registration for an emulsifiable suspension formulation of Beauveria bassiana strain GHA was granted to Mycotech Corporation of Butte, MT earlier this year. The company has two other formulations of the fungus that are currently labeled only in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Montana, Texas and Washington, but state registrations for two new ES formulations are being submitted to every state except Alaska. The new formulations will be available for contol of selected insect pests in rangeland, agronomic and vegetable crops, nursery, greenhouse and landscapes. For further information contact Mycotech at 1-800-383-4310 or by e-mail.

Hopeful Registration of Paecilomyces

Thermo Trilogy (Columbia, Maryland) was established as a company in 1996, when Therm Ecotek acquired the biopesticide interests of W.R. Grace. The company has applied for US, Japanese and European Union approval for its Paecilomyces fumosoroseus-based microbial pesticide, which is aimed at mites and whiteflies in ornamentals and vegetables. Registrations have already been granted in Sweden and Poland.

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