Please Help Us!

We are in the process of trying to obtain funding to continue publication of this newsletter once our initial grant ends later this year. Documentation of the ways in which the information in MBCN is being used will greatly enchance our chances of success. Every project needs justification, so we need to determine how the information in the newsletter is being used and get an idea of the number of people this information then reaches.

Please help us by filling out the following 6-question survey. Thanks in advance!

Place a check in the appropriate box(es) for each question:

1. How do you use the information in MBCN? Select all that apply, and indicate approximately how many times a year you use the information in this way and the approximate size of the audience (eg. number of newsletters distributed/issue).2. Who is the target audience for this information? (select all that apply)3. What information do you find most useful in MBCN?4. What other information would you like to see in MBCN?5. MBCN has been primarily supported by a USDA Extension grant, which has allowed us to provide a hard copy of the newsletter free to extension personnel in the North Central States, and at a very reduced cost to paying subscribers. As the grant ends, it is possible that MBCN will need to be fully self-supporting. Would you subscribe to MBCN (hard copy) if the annual subscription was: 6. Please indicate your occupation:

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