Midwest Well Represented as New IOBC Officers are Elected

The Nearctic Region (North America) of the International Organization for Biological Control recently held election for officers for 1997-98, and the upper Midwest is well represented. Larry Charlet, a USDA/ARS entomologist affiliated with North Dakota State University is President-elect. Bob O'Neil, Department of Entomology, Purdue University, will be Vice President. And Rob Wiedenmann, Center for Economic Entomology of the Illinois Natural History Survey, will be Secretary-Treasurer. In addition, the new Corresponding Secretary and editor of the Section's Newsletter is Lindsay Milbrath of North Dakota State. Congratulations to all the newly-elected officers.

IOBC is a world-wide group of people interested in biological control. The membership is composed primarily of scientists who conduct research to implement biological control, but other members include biological control businesses and some practitioners.

IOBC Conference Contributions

In the previous two issues of MBCN, I presented brief summaries of presentations on biological control of insects and plant diseases from the International Organization for Biological Control's (IOBC) international conference, "Technology Transfer in Biological Control: From Research to Practice." This final article on the conference contains summaries of weed biological control.

A novel, broad-host pathogen and delivery system for controlling weeds - S. Yang, USDA, Frederick, MD

Native pathogens and biological control: field application of Rhizoctonia solani and Fusarium spp. on Euphorbia esula - A. Caesar, USDA, Bozeman, MT Development of Ascochyta caulina as a mycoherbicide for control of Chenopodium album - J. Allen, Ciba, Switzerland
    Although this pathogenic fungus selectively infects lamb's-quarters, its potential as a mycoherbicide is limited by the need for high relative humidity for successful foliar infection. Attempts to reduce moisture requirements by adding humectants, stickers and an oil emulsion did not work.
Biological control agents of musk thistle, Carduus nutans L. (Asteraceaea) in the United States - G. Campobasso, USDA, Rome, Italy - Susan Mahr, University of Wisconsin - Madison

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