Profile: ANBP

The Association of Natural Bio-control Producers (ANBP) is a nonprofit corporation made up of producers, distributors and users of natural enemies of agricultural pests, as well as industry supporters, researchers and government representatives. ANBP was formed in 1990 by commercial insectaries to provide a united voice in regulatory issues facing the industry. This organization's goals are to strengthen the natural enemy production industry and to promote research and education on the use of natural enemies. Membership is currently about 100, including 40 producers and/or suppliers.

The development of a certification program for the natural enemies industry is one of the principal objectives of ANBP. They are in the process of developing quality assurance guidelines for producers, distributors and applicators - including standardized sampling techniques to ensure product quality and consistency. Members of ANBP are expected to adhere to a code of ethics which encourages the highest standards of professionalism. Members are also working with government agencies to refine techniques of mass production and release of natural enemies for use in integrated pest management strategies.

Their newsletter "Biocontrol Matters" provides a forum to address issues facing the natural enemy industry and to facilitate communication among those who wish to keep informed about the industry.

Several membership categories are available. For more information contact:

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