Thanks for the Feedback

We appreciate the comments sent in by our readership. Many of these comments have been used in annual reports to the agencies that provide funding for the newsletter, showing the ways information in MBCN is incorporated into Extension programming in the Midwest. As the 1995 growing season draws to a close, we have only one more year on the original grant that funded MBCN. The project committee will soon be evaluating the impact of the newsletter, and deciding whether or not to continue. If we decide to proceed with MBCN, we will need to prepare and submit proposals for new or continued funding that show the impact and importance of the newsletter. Your continued feedback will help us document this.

Therefore, we would still like to hear from. Whether you are an educator or a pest manager, let us know how you have used the information in MBCN. We are particularly interested if people have included more biological control in their pest management programs as a result of information in MBCN. Finally, we'd also like to hear from you if you have suggestions for improving the newsletter. We probably won't be able to respond directly to each of your comments, but please realize we carefully consider them, and appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

Response to Editor, Susan Mahr
Response to Project Director, Dan Mahr

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