Biological Control of Insects Conference

A two and one-half day conference on biological control of insects will be held November 1-3 at the Clifford Hardin Nebraska Center for Continuing Education in Lincoln. This conference, co-sponsored by the UNL Center for Sustainable Agricultural Systems and the North Central Regional Research Committee for Biological Control of Pest Arthropods, will discuss the biology, identification, and use of different natural enemies in insect management. Breakout sessions will address biological controls in specific commodity areas (corn, turf/ornamentals, alfalfa, grain sorghum, horticulutral crops, livestock). Live and preserved natural enemies will be available in a laboratory session. Registration is $95 ($25 for students) and will include a comprehensive biological control publication. A program flyer and registration material is available from Nancy Fields, Conference Coordinator, (402) 472-2844. The conference agenda is below.

November 1

Session 1: Understanding the Basics Session 2: Recognizing and Understanding Beneficial Natural Enemies November 2

Session 3: Avenues to the Implementation of Biological Control

Session 4: Applications of Biological Control to Specific Crops and Settings November 3

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