Mealybug Destroyer

Cryptolaemus montrouzieri

In Current Research on Biological Control of Insects in the Midwest  (Vol. V, No. 11)

In The Trials and Tribulations of Implementing Biological Control in a University Conservatory  (Vol. V, No. 7)

In The Major Groups of Natural Enemies; Predators, Part II  (Vol. IV, No. 9)

Conserving Natural Enemies of Armored and Soft Scales  (Vol. III, No. 9)

In Biological Control in a College Greenhouse  (Vol. III, No. 9)

In Biological Control in the Great Indoors: At the Mall of America  (Vol. II, No. 12)

Mealybug Destroyer  (Vol. II, No. 5)

In Bugs For Hire  (Vol. II, No. 3)

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