Midwest Biological Control News

August 1998

Volume V, Number 8

Special Japanese Beetle Issue

This issue of MBCN is focused primarily on the Japanese Beetle. Considerable effort has been directed toward controlling this devastating introduced pest by both chemical and biological means, yet it remains an important pest in many areas-and continues to invade new areas. Numerous parasitoids have been imported but none have provided substantial control of the beetle. Several pathogens have also been used with varying degrees of success. This issue discusses some of the historical aspects of biological control of Japanese beetle, highlights some of the important natural enemies, and explains what researchers are doing currently in the never-ending battle against this beetle.

 Feature Article
Biological Control of
Japanese Beetle
 Know Your Friends
Tiphia spp.,
         Parasitoids of Japanese Beetle
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News and Reviews:
Book Reviews: USDA Handbook on Japanese Beetle;
Books on Insect Pests of Turf

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