Integrated Pest Mangement

In National Academy of Science Report: Ecologically Based Pest Management  (Vol. IV, No. 2)

In Impact of IGRs on Beneficials in Apple  (Vol. III, No. 12)

In The Global Scope of Biological Control  (Vol. III, No. 10)

In Natural Enemies of Spotted Tentiform Leafminer on Apple, Part II  (Vol. III, No. 9)

In Effects of Orchard Fungicides on Biological Control of Mites  (Vol. II, No. 9)

Using IPM and Biological Control in the Home Garden  (Vol. II, No. 4)

In The General Approaches to Insect Control: An Overview  (Vol. I, No. 2)

600 Attend IPM Conference  (Vol. I, No. 2)

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