Upcoming Events

November 13-14, 2000
ANBP 2000 Conference
Oxnard, California

"The 2000 Edge: Meeting Expectations With Biocontrol" is the theme of the Association of Natural Bio-control Producers (ANBP) 2000 Conference. Conference focus is on emerging research, innovations and strategies for the biological control production and distribution industry. Featured are sessions on Cooperative Extension biocontrol development models, grantsmanship, urban pest management, innovations in release technology, how to make decisions,opportunities and impacts created by regulations.

The Conference will be preceded by meetings of the ASTM Standards Development Committee on November 10-11. The AMNP Annual Meeting will be during the morning of November 14.

A special feature is a local field tour of Ventura County’s famous and diversified agriculture and growers actively using biological controls. Social events include a welcoming reception the evening of November 11 and a BBQ dinner and wine tasting at a local winery.

To receive a conference brochure and application, contact ANBP's Maclay Burt at Phone/Fax (714) 544-8295.

December 3-7, 2000
Joint Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America, the Entomological Society of Canada and La Société d'Entomologie due Québec
Montréal, Canada

Presented papers and posters, and symposia on research in biological control and many other areas of entomology. For more information contact Judy Miller, ESA, at (301) 731-4535 ext. 3022 or visit ESA's meeting website.

August 2-5, 2001
The Practice of Biological Control: Importation and Management of Natural Enemies in the New Millennium
Bozeman, Montana

This symposium-consisting of keynote speakers followed by paper presentations, with afternoon poster sessions and small discussion groups-will develop a list of objectives to enhance the practice of biological control in the 21st century and publish a proceedings. Attendees will be encouraged to register a year in advance, so mark your year 2000 calendars to sign up for the following year. For more information contact Tim Kring at (501) 575-3186.

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