Upcoming Events

December 12-16, 1999
Entomological Society of America National Meeting
Atlanta, Georgia

Look back at seminal issues that have shaped the entomological sciences over the past 100 years and examine projections for the future as we move into the next millennium. Presented papers and posters on research in biological control and many other areas of entomology. For more information contact ESA at (301) 731-4535; fax 731-4538; by email or visit the ESA website.

December 13-16, 1999
Weed Science Society of America, North Central Branch Meeting
Columbus, Ohio

For more information contact Mark Loux at (614) 292-7162; fax (614) 292-7162; or email:

Feb 5-10, 2000
Weed Science Society of America Annual Meeting
Toronto, Canada

For more information contact J. Breithaupt at: P.O. Box 1897 Lawrence, KS 66044 or by email at: jlancaster@allenpress.com

July 11-12, 2000
2nd California Conference on Biological Control
Riverside, California

This conference will promote biological control and facilitate contact beween biological control practitioners and researchers in California. For more information phone (909) 787-7292, email, or visit their website.

August 2-5, 2001
The Practice of Biological Control: Importation and Management of Natural Enemies in the New Millennium
Bozeman, Montana

This symposium-consisting of keynote speakers followed by paper presentations, with afternoon poster sessions and small discussion groups-will develop a list of objectives to enhance the practice of biological control in the 21st century and publish a proceedings. Attendees will be encouraged to register a year in advance, so mark your year 2000 calendars to sign up for the following year. For more information contact Tim Kring at (501) 575-3186.

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