Upcoming Events

Fresh Market Vegetable IPM Seminar

February 5, 1997
Madison, Wisconsin

Desgined to help fresh market vegetable growers and crop consultants develop the skills necessary to implement a successful IPM program. Includes a session on applied biological control. Registration fee is $30. Contact Karen Delahaut, University of Wisconsin, 608-262-6429 for further information.

Commercial Vegetable Growers Conference

February 21-22, 1997
Lincoln, Nebraska

Includes sessions on biological control in vegetable and fruit crops. Contact Laurie Hodges, University of Nebraska, 402-472-1639 for further information.

Biological Control: Making It Work and Evaluating Its Effectiveness

May 28, 1997
Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn, NY.

A full day, preconference workshop to be held prior to the 1997 National AABGA meeting on practical aspects of biological control/IPM of public garden pests. Participants will be asked to bring frozen and/or dried specimens of their own pests for identification and discussion at this workshop. Hands-on sessions will be stressed, interspersed with brief lectures. The format will be informal enough to allow individuals either to (1) dedicate a full day to pursuing answers to individual questions with individual session leaders that are not speaking at the time, or (2) participate fully in the general sessions. Contact Steve Stauffer, Texas A&M University 409-847-8967 for further information.

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