Upcoming Events

In Partnership With Nature: The Texas Biological Control Workshop

November 4-6, 1996
San Antonio, Texas

Learn about the status and potential of using natural enemies to control plant pathogens and insect and weed pests in greenhouses, crops, orchards farms, ranches, parks and nature preserves -- and work with others to find new opportunities for biological control.

Advance registration $75.

Contact Allen Knutson, Texas A&M, 214-231-5362 for more information.

Innovative Plant Management: Focus on Biological Controls

November 7-8, 1996
College Park, Maryland

Contact Stanton Gill, University of Maryland, 301-596-9413 for more information.

Crop & Pest Management Update Conference

December 3-5, 1996
Kearney, Nebraska

Contact Bob Wright, University of Nebraska, 402-762-4439 for further information.

Entomological Society of America National Meeting

December 8-12, 1996
Louisville, Kentucky

Presented papers and posters on research in biological control and many other areas of entomology. Also Insect Expo 9:00-2:30, Dec. 12. Contact ESA (301) 731-4535 or find information on the World Wide Web.

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