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Biological Control of Insects: An Extension Conference of Beneficial Natural Enemies and Their Use in Pest Management

January 16-17, 1995
Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
The program for this conference is similar to that of the regional conference held in Lincoln, NE in early November, but with more of a local emphasis. Farmers, Extension educators, agricultural instructors, crop consultants, greenhouse operators, as well as nursery, landscape and turf managers will learn how to effectively control insect pests through the use of their natural enemies. An evening program will feature a panel discussion with growers, Extension agents and organic farmers that will identify the current barriers to implementing biological control in Indiana. Contact Cliff Sadof (317) 494-5983 FAX: (317) 494-0535 for more information OR Kathy Hyman (317) 494-2758 FAX (317) 494-3253 about registration.

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