Delphastus pusillus

Delphastus pusillus: Whitefly Predator  Vol. VI, No. 10)

In IOBC Conference Contributions  (Vol. III, No. 11)

Releasing Multiple Natural Enemies for Silverleaf Whitefly Control  (Vol. III, No. 10)

In Host Range in Insect Predators  (Vol. III, No. 9)

In Biological Control in the Great Indoors: At the Mall of America  (Vol. II, No. 12)

In Bugs For Hire  (Vol. II, No. 3)

Performance of Five Silverleaf Whitefly Natural Enemies on Poinsettia  (Vol. II, No. 3)

Importance of Leaf Spines on Poinsettia to Silverleaf Whitefly Natural Enemies  (Vol. II, No. 2)

Biological Control of Silverleaf Whitefly on Commercial Poinsettia  (Vol. II, No. 1)

Compatibility of Delphastus pusillus and Wasp Parasitoids of Sweetpotato Whitefly  (Vol. I, No. 2)

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