Braconid Wasp

Family Braconidae

In Sweet Alyssum Good for Cabbage Caterpillar Parasitoids  (Vol. VII, No. 3)

New Parasite of Lygus Bugs  (Vol. VI, No. 9)

Macrocentrus grandii, Parasitoid of European Corn Borer  (Vol. VI, No. 8)

In The Potential for Biological Control of Asian Longhorned Beetle in The U.S.   (Vol. VI, No. 6)

In Major Groups of Natural Enemies: Parasitoids, Part III   (Vol. VI, No. 4)

In Current Research on Biological Control of Insects in the Midwest  (Vol. V, No. 11)

Peristenus digoneutis, Parasite of Tarnished Plant Bug  (Vol. V, No. 10)

Macrocentrus ancylivorus   (Vol. V, No. 7)

Cotesia melanoscela, A Parasitoid of Gypsy Moth  (Vol. V, No. 3)

In Biological Control at National Entomology Society Meetings   summary # 13 (Vol. V, No. 3)

Aphidius Wasps   (Vol. V, No. 2)

Microctonus aethiopoides, Parasite of Alfalfa Weevil   (Vol. IV, No. 7)

In Importance of Nectar Sources for Adult Parasitoids in Biological Control Programs   (Vol. IV, No. 5)

In Electric Insect Traps Get Good Bugs, Miss Mosquitoes   (Vol. III, No. 10)

In Natural Enemies of Spotted Tentiform Leafminer on Apple, Part II   (Vol. III, No. 9)

In Biological Control of Stored-Product Pests   (Vol. II, No. 10)

Wasp Parasites of Greenbugs   (Vol. II, No. 9)

In Host Range in Insect Parasites   (Vol. II, No. 8)

Nealiolus curculionis, A Parasitoid of the Sunflower Stem Weevil   (Vol. II, No. 7)

See also:

Aphidius spp.
Bracon hebetor
Cotesia glomerata
Cotesia melanoscela
Dacnusa sibirica
Diaeretiella rapae
Lysiphlebus testiceipes
Macrocentrus ancylivorus
Macrocentrus grandii
Microctonus aethiopoides
Microplitis croceipes
Peristenus digoneutis
Pholetesor ornigis

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