Bigeyed Bugs

Geocoris spp.

In Green Lacewings Not the Answer for Cotton Aphid Control  (Vol. VII, No. 3)

Predatory Bugs Prefer Different Crops  (Vol. V, No. 9)

Bigeyed Bugs  (Vol. IV, No. 12)

In Current Research on Biological Control of Insects in the Midwest  (Vol. IV, No. 12)

In The Major Groups of Natural Enemies; Predators, Part I  (Vol. IV, No. 8)

In Host Range in Insect Predators  (Vol. III, No. 9)

In Biological Control at National Entomology Society Meetings summary #18  (Vol. III, No. 3)

Greenbug Biological Control in Grain Sorghum and Winter Wheat  (Vol. III, No. 2)

A Note: Bigeyed Bugs  (Vol. II, No. 2)

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