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blue ball Biological Control Virtual Information Center

blue ball National Biological Control Institute

blue ball International Institute of Biological Control

blue ball International Organization for Biological Control

blue ball International Organization for Biological Control - Nearctic Regional Section

blue ball International Organization for Biological Control - Biological Control of Weeds Working Group


blue ball Auburn University's Biological Control Institute

blue ball Cornell University's Biological Control: A Guide to Natural Enemies in North America

blue ball Illinois Natural History Survey's Ecological Database of the World's Insect Pathogens (EDWIP)

blue ball Illinois Natural History Survey's Viral Diseases of Insects in the Literature (VIDIL)

blue ball Iowa State's Biological Control Index

blue ball Michigan State University's Landscape Ecology and Biological Control Lab

blue ball North Central Regionial Committee on Arthropod Biological Control

blue ball The Ohio State University's Insect Parasitic Nematodes

blue ball Oregon State University's Research on Entomopathogenic Nematodes at OSU

blue ball Purdue University's Biological Control Laboratory

blue ball University of Florida's Beneficial Insects

blue ball University of Nebraska - Lincoln's Nematodes as Biological Control Agents of Insects

blue ball University of Wyoming's Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey Databases on Biocontrol of Noxious Weeds and Insects

Government Agencies

blue ball USDA-ARS Beneficial Insects Introduction Research

blue ball USDA-ARS Biological Control of Pests Research Unit (BCPRU)

blue ball USDA-ARS Biocontrol of Plant Diseases Laboratory

blue ball USDA-ARS Insect Biocontrol Laboratory

blue ball USDA-ARS European Biological Control Laboratory

blue ball USDA-APHIS Niles Plant Protection Center

blue ball USDA-APHIS Plant Protection and Quarantine Biological Control Programs

blue ball USDA NRICGP Abstracts of Funded Research, FY 1995 - Biological Control Research

blue ball USDA NRICGP Abstracts of Funded Research, FY 1996 - Biological Control Research

blue ball North Carolina Department of Agriculture's Biological Control Research and Publications


blue ball CAB International's Biocontrol News and Information

blue ball Association of Natural Bio-Control Producers

blue ball Photo Gallery of Some Important Parasites And Predators in Citrus and Avocado


blue ball Biocontrol Network: Integrated Pest Management Solutions for a Small Planet (from ARBICO)

blue ball ARBICO: Arizona Biological Control, Inc.

blue ball Beneficial Insectary

blue ball Biological Control (the journal)

blue ball Praxis

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