Special 4-H Project

Beneficial Insects Collection

A good collection might include:

Order Mantodea
   Mantidae (praying mantids)

Order Hemiptera
   Anthocoridae (minute pirate bugs)
   Reduviidae (assassin bugs)
   Lygaeidae (seed bugs; bigeyed bugs)
   Nabidae (damsel bugs)
   Pentatomidae (stink bugs)

Order Coleoptera
   Carabidae (ground beetles)
   Coccinellidae (lady beetles)
   Staphylinidae (rove beetles)

Order Neuroptera
   Chrysopidae (green lacewings)
   Hemerobiidae (brown lacewings)

Order Diptera
   Cecidomyiidae (gall midges)
   Syrphidae (hover flies)
   Tachinidae (tachinid flies)

Order Hymenoptera
   Braconidae (braconid wasps)
   Ichnuemonidae (ichneumonid wasps)
   Superfamily Chalcidoidea (chalcid wasps and their relatives)
   Formicidae (ants)

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