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Want to understand the impacts of climate change on insects? See this video by Entomology graduate students Michael Falk and Jeremy Hemberger. ... See moreSee less

How will climate change affect the seasonal timing of important tree-insect interactions? Will forests be subject to more insect pests? Join Michael as he em...

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This video shows a brown marmorated stink bug on a pillow in a bedroom in Madison. These are true bugs that make a loud buzzing sound as they fly toward lights. ... See moreSee less

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Bill BarkerIt left you a present! How very thoughtful.

2 days ago

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Congratulations to Entomology Professor Ken Raffa who just received the Distinguished Alumni Award for the University of Delaware College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. ... See moreSee less

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Yasmin CardozaAwesome, congratulations Ken!

3 days ago

Stacey SheltonCongratulations!!!

3 days ago

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