Epuraeinae: Epuraea Page
Notice: The extreme variability of species in this genus and the difficulty in identifying females conspire to make this one of the most challenging genera of Nitidulidae to identify.

Epuraea aestiva
Epuraea alternata
Epuraea avara
Epuraea aestiva (Linnaeus)
Epuraea alternata Parsons
Epuraea avara (Randall)
Epuraea corticina
Epuraea erichsoni
Epuraea flavomaculata
Epuraea corticina Erichson
Epuraea erichsoni Reitter
Epuraea flavomaculata Mäklin
Epuraea helvola
Epuraea labilis
Epuraea linearis
Epuraea helvola Erichson
Epuraea labilis Erichson
Epuraea linearis Mäklin
Epuraea obliquus
Epuraea ovata
Epuraea parsonsi
Epuraea obliquus Hatch
Epuraea ovata Horn
Epuraea parsonsi Connell
Epuraea peltoides
Epuraea planulata
Epuraea populi
Epuraea peltoides Horn
Epuraea planulata Erichson
Epuraea populi Dodge
Epuraea rufa
Epuraea rufida
Epuraea rufomarginata
Epuraea rufa (Say)
Epuraea rufida (Melsheimer)
Epuraea rufomarginata (Stephens)
Epuraea terminalis
Epuraea truncatella
Epuraea umbrosa
Epuraea terminalis Mannerheim
Epuraea truncatella Mannerheim
Epuraea umbrosa Horn

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"the picnic beetles" or the "sap beetles"