Carpophilinae: Carpophilus Page
Carpophilus antiquus
Carpophilus brachypterus
Carpophilus corticinus
Carpophilus antiquus Melsheimer
Carpophilus brachypterus (Say)
Carpophilus corticinus Erichson
Carpophilus freemani
Carpophilus hemipterus
Carpophilus lugubris
Carpophilus freemani Dobson
Carpophilus hemipterus (Linnaeus)
Carpophilus lugubris Murray
Carpophilus marginellus
Carpophilus melanopterus
Carpophilus sayi
Carpophilus marginellus Motschulsky
Carpophilus melanopterus Erichson
Carpophilus sayi Parsons

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"the picnic beetles" or the "sap beetles"