Endomychidae of Wisconsin

"the handsome fungus beetles"

The Wisconsin Handsome Fungus Beetle (Endomychidae) Survey:

A comprehensive survey of Wisconsin Endomychidae was initiated in 1998. Throughout Wisconsin sampling sites were selected based on habitat type and sampling history. Wisconsin endomychids were collected by hand from fungi and under tree bark; successful trapping methods included cantharidin-baited pitfall traps, flight intercept traps, and Lindgren funnel traps. Examination of literature records, museum and private collections, and field research yielded 10 species, three of which are new state records. Two dubious Wisconsin records, Stenotarsus hispidus (Herbst) and Epipocus unicolor Horn, could not be confirmed.

This website is a means of sharing information recovered from this state survey. Images, distribution maps, and general information are provided for each species. Click here to view images of Endomychidae subfamilies. In addition, links are provided to other Wisconsin insect faunal surveys. Please contact us with any questions or comments.

Handsome Fungus Beetles Make Excellent Teachers:

In 1998, the Wisconsin Endomychidae survey was part of an undergraduate independent study, providing opportunities to learn about the anatomy, taxonomy, and natural history of these beetles. In addition, this study has been instrumental in launching additional insect diversity related projects, including, the Nitidulidae and Kateretidae of Wisconsin. This study is continuing to provide an educational opportunity for another undergraduate student where they are not only learning about the handsome fungus beetles themselves, but also developing photography (Syncroscopy's Auto-montage software) and web design skills. This has also provided the opportunity for a graduate student to be a mentor.

Collection site
Lycoperdina ferruginea larvae in puffball fungus
Collection site