Insect Highlights

Insect Highlights for the Week of July 31, 2008.

spotted slut
Spotted Slug



This 3 inch monster is not even full grown ( they get up to 7 inches long) . It is the spotted Garden slug- Limax maxumus. It was introduced to the east coast from Europe in the 1800s. They are uncommon in Wisconsin but can be found along the eastern Lake counties and have a three – four year life span For slug control see


cicada killer
Cicada killer

cicada killer
Cicada killer up close


Cicada killers are giant wasps that dig holes into the ground. They sting cicadas and burry them in the ground after laying and egg. The great black wasp ( Sphex pennsylvanicus) captures katydids and grasshoppers and place them in a tube like burrow. Both species are not aggressive because they do not have a “colony nest” to defend.

( citation on wasp and grass picture -Kenneth R. Law, USDA APHIS PPQ,  )


great black wasp
Great black wasp

masked hunter bug
Masked Hunter Bug

masked hunter bug
Masked Hunter Bug


There is one species of assassin bug that can be found commonly indoors. Called the masked hunter bug because the nymphs cover themselves with dust and debris- Feed on other insects including earwigs- and bed bugs-  can inflict a painful bite if handled.


hunter nymph

Hunter Nymph

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