Charles Doane Lecture Series


The Department of Entomology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison hosts a special seminar series annually, entitled "The Charles Chesley Doane Distinguished Lecture." Held during the fall semester, the event includes a main lecture of broad interest to the entire campus community plus a smaller, more specialized lecture to a narrower audience of mostly entomologists.

A gracious endowment from the Doane family, including his wife, Dr. Winifred Doane, Professor Emeritus, School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University, and their son Timothy P. Doane, supports this special event. The Department enthusiastically organizes this lecture series and greatly appreciates the opportunity to honor the legacy of Dr. Charles Doane.

About Charles "Chuck" Chesley Doane



Dr. Chuck Doane attended UW-Madison, receiving his M.S. in 1951 and Ph.D. in 1953. He studied the management of vegetable pests in the Department of Entomology under the direction of Dr. R. Keith Chapman. In a career spanning 46 years he developed innovative programs for many companies around the world.





2013 Doane Lecturer - Bruce Tabashnik - University of Arizona
Insect Resistance to Transgenic Crops: Lessons from the First Billion Acres


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Previous  Doane Lectures

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2012 Doane Lecture


Dr. Jay Rosenheim - University of California-Davis


Ecoinformatics: Using Farmer-generated Data to Address Key Problems in Agricultural Entomology

2011 Doane Lecture

Gene Robinson - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Understanding the Relationship Between Genes and Behavior: Lessons from the Honey Bee

2010 seminar poster

2010 Doane Lecture

Jocelyn Millar – University of California Riverside

Pheromones of the Cerambycidae: a Cornucopia of New Chemistry and Biology

2009 seminar poster

2009 Doane Lecture

Gary Felton – Penn State University

Dialogues at the Plant-Caterpillar Interface

2008 seminar poster

2008 Doane Lecture

John Hildebrand – University of Arizona

Learning from Insect Brains

2007 seminar poster

2007 Doane Lecture

James H. Tumlinson – Penn State University

A Risk of Herbivory: Activation of Plant Signals that Attract Natural Enemies

2006 seminar poster

2006 Doane Lecture

George G. Kennedy – North Carolina State University

Thrips Transmission of Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus: Determinants of Spread and their Implications for Management

2005 seminar poster

2005 Doane Lecture

May R. Berenbaum – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Gut Reactions: How Insects Eat Plants

2004 seminar poster

2004 Doane Lecture

Wendell Roelofs – Cornell University

Chemical Communication: From Insects to Elephants


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