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Graduate student Rachel Arango won an award to travel to this meeting of the International Research Group on Wood Protection. ... See moreSee less

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Lou Mayfieldthe internet is broke... i can't find a funny cartoon about wood protection, just a bunch of pictures of people putting on varnish

4 hours ago

Becky Hoffman GrayCongrats Rachel!

17 hours ago

Kenneth RaffaWay to go Rachel!

18 hours ago

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UW-Madison Department of Entomology shared One City Early Learning Centers's album.

Very proud of our graduate students. Olivia works with Rick Lindroth.
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UW - Madison Entomology Department's Insect Ambassdor

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Awards & Scholarships

National Awards

Campus Awards

Department Awards

Que Lan Undergraduate Support Award  

Contact the Student Services Coordinator, Sara Rodock, for the details of this award (email or 608-262-9926)

Carl W. Schaefer Undergraduate Scholarship

This is a scholarship opportunity with two $500 scholarships awarded each year to undergraduates majoring in Entomology or double majors with Entomology as the home department.

The following criteria will be used to score applications:

  • 50% GPA (undergraduate; provide transcript/s)
  • 15% Research Activities (e.g., faculty lab work, independent study, internships, etc.)
  • 15% Service/Outreach (e.g., Undergraduate Entomology Club, Insect Ambassadors, etc.)
  • 10% Student Statement of Interest (limit to 1 page)
  • 10% 1-2 Professional/Academic Letters of recommendation (e.g., lab supervisor, instructor, academic advisor, etc.)

Please prepare application packages according to the criteria listed above.

The deadline for the application will vary. Please submit application packages and questions to the Student Services Coordinator, Sara Rodock (email or 608-262-9926).

Kinney Merit Award

Please see the information on the Graduate Student Funding Information page about the Kinney Merit award for more information and application instructions.

Last updated: July 22, 2015 (GD)


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